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Write For Us And Earn. - Write Tutorials Related to Tech, Computers, Programming Language, Electronics, Education, Science, Gadget Reviews & more . . . Like : How-to, Tutorial Series ...e.t.c.

- Only for Nepalese Brothers and Sisters :) - Writer must be from Nepal/Nepali Citizen.

- Since this is my 1st attempt to Pay for Writers & all payment solely goes from my own pocket, so initially I can't pay a lot to writers. Below you can find my paying forms and terms.

Strong Conditions :
  • Ensure that you are not duplicating our previous articles & content. Don't just copy from other site. Be creative & include your  screenshots in articles for delivering best content to our readers.
  • I will pay up to Nrs.100 for a 2,000 word article. (Note: "Upto" means, depending upon article you will get payment. Sometime less, sometime more)
  • Once your Article gets 4,000 views, you will get Nrs.100 as a bonus for that article (Note : Remember, you are not allowed to reload same page continuously. Depending upon Traffic IP and browsing habit, views in your article will be counted. I fully own right to delete your post if something goes wrong)
  • Focus on being useful. How will your post help readers ?
  • Practical, readers want with easy to follow steps.
How to send article ?
1) First, upload your article in google drive. And then send link of that article via this LINK 
2) Once you sent article link, then message me in this number 9846618997
3) I will go through your article (takes upto 2 weeks to verify)
4) If approved, it will be posted with your Name, Social Media Info.
5) If rejected, you will get message to update it or modify it or re submit it. 

Have doubt ? Call : 9846618997