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Hello & Namaste !

"Student Video Tutorial" is basically focused on creating 'How-To' tutorial posts for students and beginners in particular topic or subject (like : Photoshop Tutorials, Programming Tutorials, Game Development Tutorials, Linux Tutorials, e.t.c).

Before getting this blog setup, I was running youtube channel Student Video Tutorial where students and beginners can find my video tutorials on different subjects as I mentioned above. And my channel is in Good Standing.

Now, I'll provide step-by-step guide on 'how-to' posts via this blog.

Details about me :
Name - Bijay Acharya
Country - Nepal
City - Pokhara

Education ;
- HSEB (Science),
- B.E. Computer (8th Sem Drop Out),
- Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv9.) (EC-Council)

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