FIFA 18 | Guide 2 | Scoring Lots of Goals | How To play with 4-3-3 Attack Formation

FIFA 18 Guide | How to Score Lots of Goals
By : Bijay Acharya, PC/PS4 Fifa Player
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"Scoring goals depends on Calmness of attacker, and Formation he plays with"

Below are some of my tips and guide (according to my experience) to score goals in Fifa 18. Or, if you can't score, you will definitely create lots of chances.

- The basics of formation is 4-3-3 Attack Formation
- No matter what, you must get Fast Pace player in attack position. So, get managed your squad with fast pace player, but remember their finishing rating too.
- Place your best Finisher in middle section of front position in 4-3-3. Because this formation will definitely gives you a lot of chances to score goals. So, get top finisher in that middle position, whenever he gets chance he must score. Like wise. 
- Now, wingers must be fast pace too, with passing and dribbling skill. Finishing Rating is required if player is best in it. 
- Know your Best CAM in middle of 4-3-3. This player has vital role in creating chances and passing balls and even going forward to score goal. So, in your squad manage to place best CAM.
- Mid fields require some pace and strength in this formation. Because, we are not giving "Stay Back" instruction for Lb and RB. 
- You want to score more goals ? Then never give "Stay back while attack" instruction to RB and LB. You can go with "Balanced Attack" or "Overlap", depending upon your LB and RB's pace. 
- "Overlap" is best played by those Fifa players who are calm with ball and can flick one or two defense in advance. Again, Overlap can be best played by those fifa players who are not irritated during game play and always believes in come-back if they are behind with some goals. So, Calmness is key factor here. 
- Set your TACTics to "High Pressure"
- Give instruction to at least 2 forward players to stay forward and never come back in defense. But you can change it later, if you have scored/ leading your opponent with 2 or more goals.
- In 4-3-3 formation, at least provide instruction to 1 (mid) player as "Get Forward while attack", and free roam. This is help him to create space and get ball.