FIFA 18 | Guide 1 | Pass, Tackle & Sprint | How To

FIFA 18 Essential Tips
By : Bijay Acharya, PC/PS4 Fifa Player
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1) Pass, Pass, Pass - Keep on Moving
- Do not worry about getting score right way. Just focus on having possession with ball.
- The more you hold ball with players, the more chance you will get while players arrange themselves to right position.

2) Reduce your Sprint Push.
- AI Players create problem in defense
- When attacker is carrying ball towards goal scoring area, AI player tries to surround in unique way, at this time if attacker sprints a lot then there will be maximum chance of losing ball to defense. 
- Stay calm and move slowly by watching around field.

3) Do not always think of attacking quick.
- As mentioned in TIP 1, hold on. Watch carefully. Have possession with ball. Hold on so that your AI players moves and sets themselves in best space position.
- FIFA 18 is all about Calmness. 

4) Stop Wild Tackle, Aggressive Tackle.
- The boring thing in FIFA 18 is, if your defense loses tackle, then for a second he cannot move or do anything. Hope, this will be solved from 2nd update, because 1st update failed to solve that.