Metasploit Tutorial : Part 2 - Getting Familiar with Metasploit Structure

Metasploit Architecture Info-Graphic : Img src -

In this second part, we will see some basics on Metasploit Structure/Architecture. Depending of analysis we can even move to much more details of it. But, I'll try to make it simple as much as possible. So, we will see basic details on : Modules Folder. 
- We can find 'metasploit-framework' folder in following location. 


- When we move to Modules Folder. We get following screen

# Exploits : These module use Payloads. 
# Payloads, Encoders, Nops : Payload consists code that runs remotely, Encoders ensures that payload makes it to their destination, Nops keeps payload sizes consistent.

Need to learn in detail about metasploit structure ? Follow this link.