Metasploit Tutorial : Part 1 - Setting up Lab Environment

Hello & Namaste, 
Welcome to new series of Metasploit Tutorial. This tutorial on Metasploit is "Step by Step" Guide.
In this first part, let me introduce "Setting up Lab Environment for Metasploit".

Setting up lab environment for Metasploit :

- I suggest you to install your Kali Linux OS in Virtual Machine (e.g. Vmware Workstation). Like mine as shown in image below. (See image caption for all detail)

Screenshot of whole screen. Image shows win7 in background, vmware workstation on top of win7 and kali linux on top of vmware workstation. And msfconsole in terminal

- Well, this is initial requirement. We need other stuffs too. But, as we proceed with article, we will see those stuffs.

- Now, next thing. We must update & upgrade our kali linux packages to latest version. To do so, go to terminal of kali linux, and then execute following command :

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

- In case if you are not logged in as ROOT/ADMIN level user, then please add 'sudo' before command. Like below.
sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

- Takes some time to upgrade. Keep Calm :)

Note : At this phase, if you are here by any means to learn Metasploit, then please remember some points, "RAM", HDD SPACE", PROCESSOR". These 3 aspect plays vital role in case of Host & Guest OS. Meaning, if we refer to above image, you saw win7 in background and kali on top of that. So, these both are OS right ? You must know how to assign HDD space, allocate RAM to OS, and which processor to use. 

Ok Stay tuned for next part :)

This guide by : Bijay Acharya (CEHv9. EC Council)
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