CEH Study Guide For Students - Part 5 : 'Maltego' Lab on Footprinting.

In previous part, you knew about Footprinting. Now, this part will walk you through Lab Portion of Footprinting. And I'll show you 1 tool for that, i.e. Maltego. Available in Kali Linux. I'll specify name of target, & assign search engine, then finally as a result we will get emails associated to that name.

Maltego : GUI based Information Gathering tool

What is Maltego?
It is the GUI based Information Gathering tool pre-install in Kali. It helps to find almost all information of any organizations (web), website, or machines .

# Options that shows in Maltego as it is opened.

1.Company Stalker- Helps to collect all emails addresses from domain or websites.
2.Find Wikipedia Edits- Takes domain and look for Wikipedia edits.
3.Footprint 1-  fast basic foot prints of domain.
4.Person E-mail- search e-mails of people.
5.Twitter Monitor- Search for Twitter user.

Platforms of MaltegoFor Window, For Linux, For MAC

# How to use Maltego ?
Step 1: Open Terminal and type maltegoce for latest kali version. (alternative, maltego)


Step 2: This is welcome page of Maltego.

Step 3: Before using Maltego, you must be registered to their site, and must be logged in. Image like below will appear after 'next'. So, please click 'register here'. (You must create account yourself. I'll not walk you through account creation process)

After Creating Account and successful activation, proceed to steps provided below.

Step 4:  Choose Maltego Public Server or if you have other server you can do that.

- Click Next.

Step 5 : Select 'Run a Machine'. And click Next. 

Step 6 : Provide your desired name. Click next. (Note : Your are specifying target here)

Step 7 : After that just choose Personal - Email address to gather all email addresses of someones

Step 8 : To search you need search engine and google is popular one.

Step 9 : And just run it.and result will display after some time. We can found all e-mail address of Saurav Sunar.

Well, this is it. We can do lots of thing using Maltego. Now, that is on you and your passion. Search it, learn it and practice it well.                

Article by : Saurav Bhai 
Edited by : Bijay Acharya
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