CEH Study Guide For Students - Part 3 : Attach 5 Phases of Penetration Testing in your mind.

Want to get CEH Certification ? Well, attach these 5 phases to your brain first.

Phase 1 : Reconnaissance : Gathering information about system actively or passively. Also termed as Footprinting.

Phase 2 : Scanning : Advancement to Footprinting. Involves port scanning, vulnerability scanner. Gathering more information of system or victim machine

Phase 3 : Gaining Access : Also called hacking into the system. With involvement of various tools and techniques Penetration Tester gets into system, or controls the system then can extract/copy data, files or even destroy them.

Phase 4 : Maintaining Access : You're into the system ? Now maintain access to that. In order to maintain access, attacker should not be detected.

Phase 5 : Covering Tracks : Where you came from, what you used, how you did, when you did it ? All this should be cleared or covered. 

Well, these are 5 phases, that must be attached to your brain at first place for becoming CEH. Read it, save it, write it. You can answer A B C D E ....to Z easily right ? So, remember these 5 phases that way :)

Phases, here, are not explained in detail. So, you must search more about these phases. Below, I've given 1 best resource link to these phases.

This guide by : Bijay Acharya (CEHv9. EC Council)
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