Python Programming for beginners. Pt 1 – Introduction

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By : Bijay Acharya / studentvideotutorial

Hi and welcome to this new how-to series of student video tutorial. My name is Bijay, and I’ll be teaching you a complete series of Python Programming for Beginners. Part 1 is the introduction to the course outline and the set up process.
Well, first, why Python?
  • Python is my favorite programming language. Believe me, it’s cool.
  • With it’s decreased complexity, increased efficiency and limitless third-party libraries, Python provides an excellent development platform to build our own tools.
  • Python allows rapid development and testing – which are essential for educational purpose, scientific research and for security professionals.
  • Lot more. . .
Who should read this how-to series?
  • Basically, I recommend this training series to beginners
  • Actually, this training series is for anyone who wants to learn Python and then aims to apply in the field of software development, cyber security tool creation field, basic scientific research.
What will be covered in this how-to series?
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  • Yes, we’ll start with ‘Hello World’. Then, we’ll see some basics of Python programming. Such as,
    • Variables and it’s types, Operators, Strings, Conditions and Loops.
    • Then we will go deeper and start playing with scripts for creating our own .py files.
What are the Python Programming Requirements?
  • IDE for Python. You can get it here:
  • We’ll be using it in Windows and Kali Linux
  • With Kali Linux, we can use Pycrust or we can go to terminal and type Python, then we can use it that way
  • Except these 2 OS, if you have any other OS, you may manage them on your own.
  • We need third-party library files and set up tools. I’ll not mention those tools now, because we’ll be seeing those later in this tutorial series and we’ll use them when we need them.