Game Development Tutorial Part 1 - Construct2 - Introduction

 Game Development Tutorial Part 1 - Construct 2 - Introduction 
By : Bijay Acharya / studentvideotutorial

- We are going to use Construct 2 for developing 2D game.
- First, Download Construct 2 from official developers site given below 
- Install Construct 2 in your system. 
- Once, installation is finished then open construct 2. You will get following screen.

Image source ; Construct 2 welcome screen (screenshot)
- Now, click 'New Project' and select 'New Empty Project' from given selection. Then following screen will appear. 

Image source ; Construct 2 layout screen (screenshot)

- Well, this is it for 1st part. In any confusion please watch video given below. Video is step-by-step walk-through demo. (Language in video - NEPALI)

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